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Here you can buy the book Daring Deeds - An inner voice telling the story of growing up with impaired hearing.
Inger Anita Herheim (1962), lives in Voss, Norway. She is educated as a physiotherapist and has continuing education in psychomotoric physiotherapy and cognitive therapy.
Daring Deeds is her first publication.
The book costs NOK 298,- + NOK 79 in handling (shipping, etc).
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A summary of extracts of reviews concerning the Norwegian edition of Daring Deeds

Patrick Kermit

Professor in social science, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

The author is able to express how she has been able to mobilize all her resources in order to reach her goals. When you read about all her efforts and the intelligent techniques she has used, you get humble. Indeed, we need more books like this one in Norwegian. I recommend this book to everybody who wants to get insight into the challenges impaired hearing may cause.

Nils Kvamsdal

Hordaland Local newspaper, 18.04.2015

What makes the deepest impression on me when I read “Daring Deeds” is the story about how a human being can manage to choose her own way of life without being influenced by others’ decisions, and thereby finally reach her goals, however unreachable these goals may appear for others. The book is well-written with a rational and flowing language and a well formulated presentation. To hand out the label “The most important book of the year” in the middle of April may be a risky business. However, I doubt if we will see more important books than Herheim’s self-biography “Daring Deeds” in 2015.

Katharine Cecilia Williams

Psychology specialist

Blogg: To listen to my own thoughts

Inger Anita has taken the chance and told her own story. I hope it will reach everybody who can make use of it. However, I imagine that those who could make most use of it may think it is a bit “scaring”. As a psychologist I have worked with challenges concerning hearing for many years, and I have seen how painful these concerns can be. Realizing that you are going to lose even more hearing can appear as a catastrophe. Inger Anita does not wrap it up. She is hard of hearing and she hears less and less. Almost nothing- And it has serious consequences. Without revealing too much, I will underline that the story is optimistic. Because- if you think that reading about a process leading into total deafness is unbearable - then probably this is exactly the book you should read? For me as a professional it was also important to read about the perception of everyday life when those who are supposed to help fail to do so.

Contribution on Facebook 18.05.2015

I have read the book and I carry it inside me. It touches so many feelings. More than anything else, I could feel the daily suffering, loneliness and battles the small child had to fight. Besides, I was also full of admiration for her courage and her creative solutions hoping for a better life in the community. The book is written in a way that makes it possible for us who are hard of hearing to recognize and to give words to our own experiences. Obviously, your hearing will not improve through the reading process, but it is better to be part of a community, then to be alone when you feel lonely. This book is very good! From me it gets six out of six stars.